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Take a tour of Finland, region by region

By Emilia Kangasluoma, Katariina Lius and Kasperi Teittinen, December 2013

Whether they feature nature, history, culture or events, all 19 regions of Finland take pride in their own unique characteristics. The map below shows how the regions are divided – the grey lines indicate the borders of the historical provinces of Finland. Click on a coat of arms to see more about each area!

Coat of arms of ÅlandCoat of arms of South KareliaCoat of arms of Southern OstrobothniaCoat of arms of Southern SavoniaCoat of arms of KainuuCoat of arms of Tavastia ProperCoat of arms of Central OstrobothniaCoat of arms of Central-FinlandCoat of arms of KymenlaaksoCoat of arms of LaplandCoat of arms of PirkanmaaCoat of arms of OstrobothniaCoat of arms of North KareliaCoat of arms of Northern OstrobothniaCoat of arms of Northern SavoniaCoat of arms of Päijänne TavastiaCoat of arms of SatakuntaCoat of arms of UusimaaCoat of arms of Finland Proper

Map © National Land Survey of Finland

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