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High-flying film about Finnish design

By Peter Marten, May 2012

Video: Suomen Visiotalo Ltd/Finnair

“Each artist, architect and designer is inspired by different things,” says the host of “The Unique Design of Finland.”


A new film called The Unique Design of Finland, commissioned by Finnair from Suomen Visiotalo Ltd for inflight viewing during summer 2012, is the winner of WorldFest-Houston’s Platinum Remi Award for Inflight Film and World Media Festival’s Intermedia Globe Gold Award.

Take a look if you’d like to see a ballet of automated forklifts, learn who said that colours are “vitamins for the mind,” find out why boat-builders have always been highly regarded in Finland, or gaze upon “heart-stopping, revolutionary jewellery.”

You’ll also see why “design is also quality you can hear,” learn what inspires designers, find out why “a design product is also an investment,” and discover how “good design makes our lives easier and a bit more extraordinary.”


WorldFest-Houston International Independent Film Festival
World Media Festival




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