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Anarchy and design lead fall festivals

By Amanda Soila, September 2011

Photo courtesy of HIFF
Där vi en gång gått (Where We Once Walked), a film based on Kjell Westö’s Finlandia Prize–winning novel, forms one of Finland’s contributions to the Love and Anarchy Helsinki International Film Festival.

The festival season goes beyond summer, continuing long into the fall. Put that tent away for next year’s rock fest and hit the streets to catch autumn events in cities around Finland (see our picks below).

As the nights get longer, cities around the country fill with festivals and other events. Fall festivals offer something in every imaginable genre, from folkdance to heavy metal and from comic books to Sibelius.

Cinema fans in particular are spoiled this autumn. The Love and Anarchy Helsinki International Film Festival brings independent movies from all around the world to big screens in mid-September. The Vinokino gay and lesbian film festival plays in Turku and Helsinki, and the Night Visions Film Festival screens horror, fantasy and sci-fi in the capital.



Lahti Sibelius Festival
» Sept 8–11

The Lahti Symphony Orchestra brings together artists and fans from all over the world to offer a truly memorable weekend in the company of the great composer's music.
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Helsinki Design Week
» Sept 9–18

This annual festival includes workshops, exhibitions, fashion shows and behind-the-scenes tours. This autumn it looks ahead to Helsinki’s year as World Design Capital 2012.
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Backlight Photo Festival, Tampere
» starts Sept 17

Backlight is rooted in documentary photography and promoting innovative concepts. This year’s theme is Migration and Nomadic Living in the 21st Century.
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Helsinki International Film Festival:
Love & Anarchy
» Sept 15–25

Finland’s biggest film fest promotes the artistry of filmmaking with inventive, controversial and visually stunning new works.
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Helsinki Comics Festival
» Sept 16–18

The largest comics-related event in Northern Europe brings the best of international and Finnish comics to Lasipalatsi Square; includes interviews, exhibitions, workshops, performances and more.
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Monsters of Pop, Tampere
» Sept 22–24

Monsters of Pop is a city festival in Tampere concentrating on indie pop and rock.
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Vinokino gay and lesbian film festival, Turku
» Sept 29–Oct 2

The 20th Vinokino offers an extensive collection of GLBTI films and documentaries from Finland and abroad.
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Irish Festival, Oulu
» Sept 28–Oct 2

The northern frontier of Irish music offers world-class tunes, theatre, dance, poetry, storytelling and film.
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Puhallus, Tampere
» Sept 30–Oct 2

Puhallus is a national festival for university orchestras held in a different town each year.
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Vinokino gay and lesbian film festival, Helsinki
» Oct 6–10

The 20th Vinokino offers an extensive collection of GLBTI films and documentaries from Finland and abroad.
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Megapolis 2026 Energetic Cities, Helsinki
» Oct 15

Megapolis 2026 looks for urban solutions to environmental problems.
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Lost in Music, Tampere
» Oct 19–22

This music festival forms part of Music & Media, a gathering of Finnish and international music professionals.
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Cinemaissi: Latin American film festival, Helsinki
» Oct 20–23

Cinemaissi brings films from Latin American to Helsinki, including animations and other childrens’ movies.
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Night Visions horror film festival, Helsinki
» Oct 26–30

Night Visions Film Festival focuses on horror, fantasy, science fiction, action and cult cinema.
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Metalheim, Helsinki and Oulu
» Oct 28–29

The two-day Metalheim festival concentrates on the heavier end of metal music; held at both Helsinki’s Nosturi and in Oulu’s Teatria.
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Piano Espoo
» Oct 25–30

11th International Piano Festival at Espoo.
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Hollo & Martta Folkdance Festival, Hollola
» Oct 31– Nov 5

Hollo & Martta festival presents a colourful European dance culture, including a generous portion of Finnish folkdance.
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Hopeatähhdet (Silver Stars) Senior Film Festival, Kuopio
» Nov 7–13

Hopeatähti presents both classics and new films from home and abroad.
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Etnosoi!, Helsinki
» Nov 8–13

Etnosoi is an international folk music event that brings artists from all over the world to Helsinki.
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