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The nature of Helsinki

Photos by Tim Bird, July 2010
Text by Peter Marten

Photo: Tim BirdHelsinki parkland, waterways and more: We bet you won’t believe what our photographer found within the city limits of the Finnish capital (see slideshow below).

We could go on and on about how close Helsinki is to woods, water and wildlife, and how you don’t even have to leave the capital to find greenery and peaceful, relaxing scenery.

However, a picture is worth something like 999 words and this article has already used up 49, so without further ado, we direct you to the 12 great shots in the slideshow below. After you view them, you’ll come out almost 12,000 words ahead.


Where Helsinki and nature overlap


Note: Click the first photo to begin the slideshow. "Next" and "Previous" buttons appear in the top corners when you roll your mouse over the photos.



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