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That’s Finland for you:
Cool, creative, contrasting and credible

By Peter Marten, October 2009

In the video “Finland4You: Cool”, actor Jani Toivola guides us on a charming and witty tour of the country (play video below).

Four videos show off Europe’s best-kept secret: Finland. Each lasts about five minutes, and each takes a different approach. If you crave statistics, click the Credible video. If you want landscapes and cityscapes, go for Contrasting. Creative looks at the secret behind Finnish creativity, while Cool defines the word “cool” in more ways than one.

Finland4You: Cool

Breath of fresh air: Finland has cool winter weather, but also lots of other cool things. Actor Jani Toivola takes viewers on a whirlwind tour.

Download for presentation or PR (right click), 87.5 MB


Finland4You: Creative

Living in Finland brings out people’s creativity in technology, science and the arts. Maybe the secret is that the Finns don’t take themselves over-seriously.

Download for presentation or PR (right click), 77.4 MB


Finland4You: Contrasting

Located between East and West, with cold, dark winters and warm, light-filled summers, Finland offers many fascinating contrasts.

Download for presentation or PR (right click), 59.4 MB


Finland4You: Credible

Finland is known as a safe country with well-developed infrastructure, good service and high technology.

Download for presentation or PR (right click), 57.1 MB


The Finland4You videos are produced by Smile Audiovisual and published by the Finland Promotion Board and partners.

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