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Urban Helsinki

Text and photos by Risto Vauras, November 2007

Helsinki cannot yet compete for the title of "most photographed city in Europe", but that may change as the Finnish capital evolves into a multicultural metropolis. Urban Helsinki shows some interesting shots of the city as viewed by photographer Risto Vauras.

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A view of Merihaka, a concrete community for 2300 residents completed in 1975.
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In the 1960s and 70s the motor car was an idol. That's one reason why Merihaka was built on two levels - there are over 1000 parking places and a bus stop beneath the apartments.
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In summertime, Helsinki invites American nostalgia buffs from across Finland to show off their motorised masterpieces.
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Cruising Night has been held spontaneously on the first Friday of every month since 1982.
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Skateboarding in downtown Helsinki.
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Skateboarders abound in the capital. Every fifth teenager is reckoned to be still into the one-time craze.


Finnish Skateboarding Federation

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